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Continuity of Learning Plan

Barre Unified Union School District’s plan to continue student learning remotely while the nation faces a health crisis puts wellbeing first. Please take good care of yourself and each other before diving into academics. If a student needs support from an advisor, teacher, school counselor, or administrator, never forget we are just a call or email away. This one-pager gives easy reference to learning expectations across the district. For specific information, please visit each school’s website. 

Grade Levels


Teachers are required to track attendance throughout our time of distance learning. Attending can take many forms: checking in with a teacher or case manager, logging in to Google Classroom, joining a Zoom discussion, saying hello at a meal drop off site, etc. We want to know you are as safe and engaged as you can be during this challenging time. 


Meals continue to be available for all families with children age birth-18. 

Progress Reporting

Teachers will check in regularly with students and families to provide feedback. K-8 students will receive a narrative report at the end of the fourth quarter. 9-12 students will receive reports on the regular three-week schedule. The 9-12 report for the semester will be using the terms pass with distinction/pass/no credit. 


Schools will plan their graduation celebrations based on AOE guidance coming soon.

For More Information

Go to or your school’s website. Check out the latest draft of the full Continuity of Learning Plan. Always feel welcome to check in with your child’s teacher.