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In-Person Learning Plan

After being remote through the month of December, the Reopening Team at BUUSD has been routinely meeting to discuss and plan how we can maximize in-person learning while still carefully following the Strong & Healthy Start guidance from the Vermont Agency of Education.  We've returned to the hybrid schedule we've done all year starting on January 4, 2021.

Beginning on January 19, 2021, BUUSD intends to begin a phased transition to full in-person instruction.

Phased Transition by School

All information below is subject to change.  We will notify the community of any future changes.


Starting on January 19th, buses will be shared between Barre City Elementary & Middle School (BCEMS) and Barre Town Middle & Elementary School (BTMES) to accommodate increased ridership while maintaining distancing guidelines as outlined in AOE Strong and Healthy Start guidance.

BTMES will start earlier to accommodate longer bus routes.  BCEMS will start later.

Sanitizing spray will be used after students are dropped off at BTMES, allowing time for the product to dry before picking up BCEMS students.

Students may have to sit three students to a seat depending on the situation, but we will keep students as distanced as possible to the best of our ability. Students will be seated by household, classroom, daycare, or grade level to avoid mixing of groups.  Students are required to wear masks on the bus at all times.

Remote Learning

Barre Virtual Academy (BVA) will continue its operation through the school year.  A recent check with VTVLC shows that BVA remains full and will not have space for additional students this year.

Spaulding High School will continue to independently serve remote students through its current program.

K-8 teachers will continue to post assignments through SeeSaw and Google Classroom to assist students who may need to be away from school to quarantine or for other COVID-19 related concerns.

Other than BVA and the Spaulding High School program described above, the district does not have the capacity to offer additional remote learning options once grades K-6 return to increased in-person instruction.


The district is researching alternative screening options using software.  Screenings at the high school currently take less time than screenings at the PreK-8 schools.