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Welcome to the Facilities Department of the Barre Unified Union School District


In the event you need to contact someone regarding an issue, problem, or concern in one of our buildings or on the grounds of the BUUSD, please contact one of the staff members below.



Facilities Director - Jamie Evans
Office 802-476-8119 direct line
Office extension 1204


Maintenance - Willy Pratt 
Office 802-476-3813 direct line
Office extension 1180 
Custodial - Don Lessard
Office 802-476-3813 direct line
Office extension 1181


Maintenance - John Walker
Office 802-476-1491 direct line
Office extension 4332
Custodial - Gary Sprague
Office - 802-476-1491
Office extension 4332


Maintenance - Paul Belisle
Office 802-476-6617 X 6304
Custodial - Deb Washburn
Office 802-476-6617 X 6124
photo of the supervisory union building

Request for Proposals: Fuel Oil, Propane & Woodchips; Snowplowing

The Barre Unified Union School District is seeking proposals for fuel oil, propane, & woodchips; and snowplowing services for the 2019-20 school year. View or download the RFPs here:

RFP: Fuel Oil and Woodchips

RFP: Snowplowing