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Technology News

October 2020

Maximizing the technology budget: As we continue to find innovative ways to make the most out of the technology budget, we have launched the use of "Analytics powered by Relay." This tool helps us examine whether the educational technology Apps and Softwares we pay for are being utilized as intended and if there are cost-saving opportunities we can explore. The following are some of the key features:

  • A dashboard of application utilization that allows us to right-size our licensing and educational technology investments.
  • The ability to see and understand the cost of educational technology applications across the district.

This tool helps us channel our technology investments to areas where they make the most sense.

Virtual PD for staff on Wednesdays: Our Technology Integrationists are collaborating to provide virtual PD sessions on various useful topics to staff members. Andrea (BTMES Integrationist) kicks off these Wednesday two-hour sessions at noon, followed by Mike (BCEMS Integrationist) at 1: 00 pm. Emily (SHS Integrationist) is also holding a training session at noon. The format of these virtual PD's will be similar to the in-service PD's: a short introduction and walk-through on featured topics, then Q&A as needed. We encourage staff members to join these weekly sessions to improve their classroom tech skills.

AOE Annual Technology Survey: We have completed the AOE Annual Educational Technology Survey for the 2020-2021 school year. This survey is required of all Vermont schools and districts to collect essential data about many aspects of the state's education technology landscape. The survey result is used by legislators, state, and local policymakers and is regularly referenced in both state and national press regarding Vermont's status around education technology. Attendance report in Google Meet: Staff members that create Google Meet will now receive an attendance report via email once the meeting is over.

The attendance reports will be generated for web or mobile meetings with at least five participants and will contain the following information for each:

  • Participant's name
  • Participant's email
  • Length of time a participant was on the call

This feature is especially useful to teachers for easily entering attendance reports in IC.

Student Device Agreement: We have completed the BUUSD 1:1 Device Student User Agreement. We will be sending the agreement to families in the coming days. The agreement outlines students' and families' responsibilities now that we have gone 1:1 for all our students