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Technology News

October 2018

Infinite Campus: As part of our plan to ensure that the BSU Infinite Campus teacher coaches are adequately prepared to fulfill their roles, we will be offering training for them throughout the year. The teacher coaches gave us feedback in a survey regarding their needs, and we hope these training will help in addressing those needs. The first training took place on Thursday, September 27th. Grade book with Campus Learning, a new feature in IC, was covered.

Infinite Campus Manages Latest DDOS Attack: Infinite Campus notified us about series of attacks on their system by bad cyber actors. The attacks lasted all through the week of September 17th and disrupted services. You may have noticed issues with logging into Infinite Campus throughout the week. Although the volume of the attack was 50 times greater and the duration 100 times longer than previous attacks, IC confirmed there was no data breach. Infinite Campus team continues to work with other stakeholders to expand tools used to suppress future attacks and ensure all data remain protected.

Our students now have access to many additional Google services that are not part of the core G Suite for Education apps. These additional services include Google Earth, Blogger, Google Maps, YouTube and others. We have already received positive feedback from teachers who are using these services in their classrooms. Please check these out if your students are not using them already. See a tech integrationist if you need assistance.

HyperDocs and Learner Centered Classrooms: HyperDocs are powerful, learner-centered digital learning frameworks that shift the focus of learning from the teacher to the students. The best HyperDocs connect content to the essential skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. Here are 9 reasons why HyperDocs can transform your class.

Technology team continues the work of updating our inventory database, repairing, ordering and installing new equipment throughout BSU. We have received multiple Zendesk requests, most of them for little things that aren't working correctly. We prioritize and respond to these requests in a way that best serve our end users.

Keeping everything operational: The Tech Team spends a considerable amount of time doing the “behind the scenes” tasks that keep our network, firewall, servers, backups and applications running every day!

What’s new in Google Apps?

• Google Earth adds measurement tool for distance and area - Resource link

• Google EDU updates announced at ISTE 2018 - Resource link

• Google Classroom gets update layout and Google Forms get locked mode for quizzes - Resource link

• Google releases Grammar checker in Docs as part of early adopter program - Resource link

• New Classroom features roll out for everyone - Resource link

• Google Sites gets six section layout - Resource link

• Google adds quick-access side panel for Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and Calendar - Resource link