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The BUUSD Board has developed a document that intends to provide guidance to those who are wishing to interact with the Board so that they can choose the best course of action based on their desired outcome, and understand what to expect from the Board along the way.  To read the full document, please visit "How to Engage with the BUUSD Board"


Committee assignments are listed below each board member's name.  Committee roles will be listed once the committees have their first meeting.

Renee Badeau

Curriculum, Facilities, Negotiations

Term: BT - 3 Year - 2024

Tim Boltin

Facilities, Policy

Term: BC - 3 Year - 2023

Giuliano Cecchinelli II

Facilities (Chair), Policy

Term: BC - 2 Year - 2024


Alice Farrell

Board (V. Chair), CVCCSD Board, Policy (V. Chair)

Term: BT - 3 Year - 2023

Nancy Leclerc

Curriculum, Finance (Chair)

Term: At Large - 3 Year - 2025

Chris Parker

Board (Clerk), Curriculum, Policy (Chair)

Term: BT - 3 Year - 2024


Sarah Pregent

Curriculum, Finance, Negotiations

Term: BC - 2 Year - 2023

Terry Reil

Facilities (V. Chair), Finance (V. Chair), Negotiations

Term: BT - 3 Year - 2025

Sonya Spaulding

Board (Chair)

Term: BC - 3 Year - 2025