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SHS Students Pep it Up

Whether it's spreading the word for a good cause, such as Make A Wish, dressing up for a particular Spirit Day, or taking a risk for the overall good, Mr. Ferland wants to hear about it.

Proudly joining his efforts are students, staff and teachers who nominate each week an athlete, staff member, or student for doing good work. For some, they want to recognize an individual for their academic accomplishments or service work for the community whereas for some, they want to acknowledge an unique trait or interest.

For instance, Mr. Willard nominated Samantha Donahue, a freshman who is competing in the National Barrel Racing Championships in Georgia. According to Mr. Ferland, "Sam's taking the greatest leap of faith and competing at the national level"; this in itself is impressive as a freshman.

Thus, eponymous activities like the Pep Rally are no longer the main factor that unites a school and promotes school spirit, but the people within our community.

Despite the different classes and backgrounds of each individual, Mr. Ferland's vision is promoting an inclusive culture that is not only supportive of sports teams, but performances and individual achievement. He appreciates the weekly nominees and working collaboratively with the Crimson Crazies to determine the pick of the week. Each Friday, members of the Crimson Crazies take the time out and converse as a group on why certain individuals deserve the recognition.

As noted by Mr. Ferland, "they take it seriously and have some great discussion about why they feel certain people are deserving. It says a lot about who these kids are. We have new students come almost on a weekly basis and, even, if they can't join us every week, it shows that they want to be part of something bigger than themselves."

They believe recognizing individuals for their integrity, good work, and just being human matters.

Like his students, Mr. Ferland has such strong convictions on this, he's even willing to now bleed crimson rather than Raider Blue, his alma mater of U32. Just take a look at his right shoulder as he avoids itching it and join his cause...