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Intra-District Transfer Procedures


Parents can apply for an Intra-District School Transfer by completing the Intra-District Transfer Request Online Form or by sending a written request to the Superintendent’s Office. The request may be submitted via email, postal mail, or the written request can be dropped off at the Ayers Street central office.

Intra-District School Transfer is only in place for students entering or enrolled in Grades K-8.  Because Pre K programs for 3 and 4 year olds at BCEMS and BTMES are typically at full enrollment with waiting lists, Intra-District School Transfer is not in place for Pre K.

While good standing (as determined by attendance and behavior records) are factors the administration will consider in approving requests, parents are encouraged to apply in all circumstances.

Permanency of Request, Future Needs, and Other Factors:

If resident enrollment changes between May 1 and the start of the following school year, or during the school year, approved intra-district school transfer status will not be revoked for the remainder of that school year. If needs arise, based on changes in resident student enrollment after May 1, administration may explore staffing changes to meet those needs. In such cases, resident and previously approved intra-district transfer students shall be considered equally.

Once a student has been granted a request to attend a Pre K-8 BUUSD school outside of their town or city of residence, they will be allowed to remain in that school through Grade 8 if they remain in good standing as determined by attendance and behavior records.

Students residing within the BUUSD must be enrolled in school at least seven days prior to the first day of the school year. Parents or guardians who move into the BUUSD during the school year must immediately enroll students in the BUUSD school of the town/city in which they reside. Students who move from one BUUSD town or city to another BUUSD town or city will be allowed to complete the school year in the school they currently attend, unless they choose otherwise.  For the following year, they will need to make a request for an Intra-District Transfer.

Transportation to Pre K-8 schools will be provided for students attending school within [that student’s] town or city of residence.  For students choosing to attend a school in a neighboring town or city, transportation will not be provided.

In the event a parent or guardian disputes the denial of a transfer request, the parent or guardian may make a written appeal for review by the Board of School Directors. The Board’s determination shall be final.

Application Timelines

Applications Received by May 1

March 1 - May 1: Parents may apply for an intra-district school transfer for the following school year.

May 1 - June 1: Applications are reviewed and acted upon and parents are notified.

  • All applications submitted by May 1 will have equal priority (as opposed to first-come, first served).  If the requests exceed the open slots, a random lottery selection will be used to determine which requests are granted.
  • Applications will be reviewed by evaluating the capacity at the requested grade level, based on current enrollment as of May 1, as well as other relevant factors.  At a given grade level, capacity is defined as the number of students that can enter that grade, leave reasonable room for students to move into the community during the year, and still remain below the maximum class size established in Policy D 6 (Class Size).  The composition and needs of a grade level or individual class may also be considered in determining the capacity of that grade or class.
  • Denied applications may, upon parent/guardian request, be held until the week before school starts for reconsideration.

Applications Received After May 1

May 2 - August 15 (no applications submitted after August 15 will be considered):

  • Applications may be responded to immediately if it appears clear that such a response will not result in exceeding the capacity of a particular class or school.


  • Applications may be held until the week before school starts if it is deemed necessary to ensure that honoring such a request does not exceed the class size capacity within the requested school.

Ongoing Applications

Applications will ONLY be accepted during the current school year for families that move from one BUUSD town or city to another and wish to remain at the originating school.  They will be considered on an individual basis with consideration given to space and resources in the requested school and classroom. The Superintendent will make the final decision within a reasonable time frame.