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Our strategic plan guides the work of every member of our community.


Our Vision

A rock solid education for a lifetime of discovery.

Our Mission

To build a community of curious learners that empowers student voice and exploration through education, character development, and perseverance, so our students can take on the world’s greatest challenges

Our mission & vision are fueled by our beliefs.

We Believe:

  • Students matter

  • Staff matter

  • Students and staff are invaluable to the community

  • All students and staff deserve a learning environment that fosters physical and emotional health

  • Environmental stewardship is a responsibility for all

  • The delivery of education resources should be student-focused to maintain a culture where every student can achieve

  • Every student has different needs and their needs should be met no matter where they are from or which school they attend

  • Students are most successful when there is mutual respect and active collaboration between students, teachers, parents, and the community

  • Educators and families together inspire students to confidently advocate for and design growth experiences that help them define who they are and where they are headed as adults

  • Educators teach students transferable skills that enable them to become creative and resilient thinkers, to sustain their own sense of purpose and life path, and to balance academic and social emotional growth

  • All staff deserve deep investments in training, professional development, and support

To realize our mission, we identified 5 key goals that drive our work:


Equitable Access

Equitable Access

Ensure students have equitable access to learning resources

Communications & Relationships

Communications & Relationships

Create communication systems that foster collaborative internal & external community relationships

Curriculum & Career Pathways

Curriculum & Career Pathways

Develop creative and flexible curriculum and career pathways that enable students to become successful citizens and skillful workers

Student Wellness

Student Wellness

Provide the physical, mental, emotional, and environmental wellness resources that students need for successful learning and wellbeing

Student Engagement

Student Engagement

Promote student engagement and ownership in their learning

Each of our 5 goals has a set of Strategic Objectives:


These goals and objectives define the areas of focus and benchmarks for our strategic plan: