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Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Search

Committee Structure & Charge

The seven person Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Search Committee is charged with conducting the first round of interviews and determining two or three viable candidates to recommend to the superintendent.  If there are more than three viable candidates, the superintendent will determine the best candidate(s) to present to the board for interviews.

  • Stacy Anderson, Director of Special Services
  • Hayden Coon, Barre City Elementary School Principal
  • Rebecca Elgood, Spaulding High School Teacher
  • Christine Farnham, Curriculum Coach
  • Carol Marold, Director of Human Resources 
  • Erica Pearson, Barre Town Middle School Principal 
  • Brenda Waterhouse, Spaulding High School Principal

Target Completion Dates

  • September 4
    • Position Posted on School Spring
  • September 21
    • Position Closed on School Spring
    • Search Committee Meets to Select Candidates for Interviews
  • September 24 to October 2
    • 1st Round Interviews with Search Committee
    • 2nd Round Interviews with Superintendent Wells
  • October 8
    • Finalist(s) Interviews with BUUSD School Board

September 2 Meeting Minutes

First page of the PDF file: 2020-09-02-Minutes

September 2 Meeting Addendum

First page of the PDF file: 2020-09-02-Addendum