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McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act

The Barre Unified Union School District provides services through the Federal McKinney Vento Act that supports families during a housing crisis. This allows us to provide provisions to families through the academic school calendar year. The BUUSD mission is to work collaboratively with community agencies and resources that support families during their housing crisis.

Our role is to provide educational services and support to families that meet the McKinney Vento Act requirements. We are providing the following information as a resource to you and the families that live within the BUUSD school district.

Referral Process

If you become aware of a family who is in a housing crisis, you can contact the child’s school registrar and provide the family information which will generate a referral. If you are not aware of the child’s school in which they attend you can contact the BUUSD.

You may also generate a referral by completing our "Referral to Homeless Education Liaison Form".


Dawn Poitras,
476-6541 x4012 or
476-4811 x1203

Barre Town Middle & Elementary School
Betsy Pearce, 476-6617 x6306,

Barre City Elementary & Middle School
Nicole Gallup, 476-6541 x4318,

Spaulding High School
Lora Gaudreault, 476-4811 x1123,

Barre Unified Union School District
MVA Administrative Assistant
Sue Cioffi, 476-5011 ext. 1036,

MVA Coordinator
Stacy Anderson, (802) 476-5011 ext. 1026

Chris Hennessey, 802-476-5011 ext. 1017,

Housing Crisis Intake/Outreach

Once a referral has been received, contact will be made to the family, schools and community agencies by the BUUSD MKV Liaison to begin determination of need to meet the MVA.


Once a determination is reached, the school registrar and the MVA District Coordinator will be made aware and notification will be sent to the family outlining the provisions provided to the family as a resource through the BUUSD.


In some cases transportation to and from school is provided by the BUUSD. This will be determined by the intake process and will be set up accordingly.

Appeal Process

Families have the right to appeal the determination decision that was made. The appeal should go to the MVA Coordinator. A review will take place with the Superintendent of the BUUSD.

To inquire more about the McKinney Vento Act resources, please contact the BUUSD MVA Administrative Assistant: Sue Cioffi, 476-5011 ext. 1036.