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Superintendent Search

Please Welcome David Wells!

The Barre UUSD Board interviewed both Superintendent finalists on April 7, 2020.  Following the interviews, the Board reviewed all the available data from forums, reference checks, and other sources before deliberating.  An offer was made to David Wells, and we are pleased to announce that he has accepted the position.  Please join us in welcoming David Wells as the new Superintendent of the Barre Unified Union School District!

Screening Committee Mission
The Barre Unified Union School District Board charges the Superintendent Candidate Screening Committee with the authority and responsibility to conduct the initial superintendent screening process. This process shall start following the receipt of the Secretary of Education's permission to begin the search process and shall conclude with recommending finalist candidates to the full board. The Screening Committee shall work with the VSBA Consultant to complete the screening process. The Screening Committee shall strive to present up to three licensable candidates to the full board that meet the search criteria established by the board. The Screening Committee shall provide information on the finalist candidates’ experience, specific skills, and related background details to the Board following completion of the initial screening process The full Barre Unified Union School District Board retains authority to hire the new superintendent.

Committee Membership
The Screening Committee shall be constituted as follows:

  • Building administrators from each school (4)
  • Teachers Union President
  • 2 board members
  • 2 central office professionals
  • 2 parents
  • 2 community members

for a total of 13 members.

The Board will select members of the Screening Committee based on prioritization that includes stakeholder roles, background and experience from the list outlined above.

Committee Process
The Screening Committee is authorized to work with the VSBA consultant to prepare, distribute, and review candidate materials using electronic resources, and to conduct first-round applicant interviews.

Each Screening Committee member will be expected to review all candidates applying for the Superintendent position and assess and rate each applicant. It is important that each Committee member complete their own assessment of each candidate, and that Committee members not discuss the candidates with one another, or others, before a full group discussion to ensure fairness and confidentiality for the candidates. The Committee members’ individual ratings and comments will be put together by the VSBA Consultant, possibly together with other information gathered by the VSBA Consultant, to inform the group’s decision of what candidates the Committee will interview. The Committee will then choose up to 3 candidates to recommend for interviews by the Barre Unified Union School Board.

Screening Committee members shall agree to keep all applicant information confidential. The Board will publicly announce the list of finalist candidates once references have been completed following the first round of interviews. The Screening Committee Chair is responsible for communications between the Consultant and the District Board Chair.

All Screening Committee meetings shall be warned and open to the public. However, the Screening Committee shall review candidate materials and deliberate in executive session, complying with Vermont Open Meeting Law requirements. The Screening Committee shall keep meeting minutes and send a copy to the Board Clerk within five days following each Screening Committee meeting.

Adopted by the Barre Unified Union School District board on January 23, 2020.